Peter recently joined the Board of Yield Energy, a company that uses innovative anaerobic digestion technologies to convert organic wastes to energy.

Peter is a member of the following Advisory Boards:

Forward Lighting – Developers/suppliers of innovative induction lighting systems

Log-One – Developers/suppliers of proprietary intellegent building controls/thermostats

SOTA Corporation – Devolpers of a process using a Continuous Bake Reduction Oven process for refining biomass into energy

Summerhill – Develops and executes profitable strategies that move the market toward better choices for consumers and the environment


Greening Grater Toronto Task Force – Peter has been a member of this Task Fouce since its formation and is currently chair of their Working Group on reviewing the organization’s vision and developing the business case for this new vision.  The current Vision of the organization is “To make the GTA the Greenest City Region in North America”.

NationalAdvisory Committee on Energy Efficiency – Pteer has been a member of this Canada-wide committee that prpovdies advice to Natural Resource’s Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency since 2002.


Peter received the professional ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors in 2009