International Presentations

Leading the Pack – How Subnational Policy Pioneers are Driving the Energy Transition – June 7, 2023

Decarbonization in Brampton: Current Initiatives and Future Plans – April 18, 2023 (PDF)

Oxford Symposium on Population Migration & Environment – December 6, 2016 (PDF)

Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference - October 22, 2016 (PDF)

Meeting with Korean Delegation – September 6, 2016 (PDF)

Teaching Energy Efficiency Policy at University Level – October 9, 2014 (PDF)

ESCO Europe – January 23, 2014 (PDF)

Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment - May 29, 2012 (PDF)

Low Carbon Earth Summit, China - October 23, 2011 (PDF)

Southern Africa Energy Efficiency Convention - November 12, 2009 (PDF)

Pushing the Envelope: Incentives and Mandates, EE Global, Washington DC. November 13, 2007. This presentation to the first international energy efficiency conference presents Ontario’s approach to achieving its aggressive targets and the role of voluntary programs and regulations in meeting those targets.

Electricity System and Conservation in Ontario, Residential Conservation Workshop, Oxford, UK, May 21, 2008. This presentation to a joint UK/Ontario workshop on residential electricity conservation set the stage for a two-day discussion on this topic.

Complementary Roles of Voluntary Programs and Minimum Energy Performance Standards, Electric Utilities Environment Conference, Phoenix, February 4, 2009. This presentation further explores the complementary role of voluntary programs and government regulations/codes/standards.