Published Books

Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency: Policy, Programs and Best Practices.
This free on-line textbook has been written as a resource for professors and students at colleges/universities as well as employees whose jobs requires a better understanding of energy efficiency. It consists of three sections. The first covers the theory, policies & programs and includes 31 figures and 85 definitions. The second consists of 7 case studies and includes chapters on four provinces (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia). The third has various course materials such as templates for cabinet submissions, briefing notes and building assessments. Download free copy at

Chapter on Energy Service Performance Contracts in Canadian Energy Efficiency Outlook: A National Effort for Tackling Climate Change, 2018

Chapter on Canada in World ESCO Outlook: Canada, 2012

The Garbage Book: How to Save Energy and Money by Throwing Out Less, June 1976. This booklet was one of the first practical guides for homeowners who want to follow the 3 R’s; over 100,000 copies of this booklet were distributed by the federal government in both languages.