5 Decades of Environmental Activism

The Don River

How Toronto's Don River, once declared dead, is roaring back to life (article – The Guardian)

A funeral was held for the Don River 50 years ago — but now people are celebrating its progress (article – CBC News)

Roy MacGregor on the rivers that shaped our nation (article – Canadian Geographic)

3 R’s

The Garbage Book: How to Save Energy and Money by Throwing Out Less (PDF)

Preliminary Submission of Pollution Probe to the Ontario Solid Waste Task Force (PDF)

Non-Smokers Rights

Non-Smokers' Rights Association (Wikipedia)

Acid Rain

Who stopped the (acid) rain? (article – Corporate Knights)

Ontario Building Codes

Building Codes and Voluntary Programs Make Ontario New Home Builders Leaders in Energy Efficiency (PDF article – Sustainable Builder magazine)

Energy Efficiency in the 2006 Building Code (PDF)

Muskoka EV Show

Coverage of the Muskoka EV Show 2023 (PDF)