Strategic Advice and Planning – Provide strategic advice on environmental issues to companies (both regulated and unregulated), public institutions, industry associations and non-profit organizations. Develop strategic plans that take advantage of changes in environmental regulations (green legislation, emission trading, new clean technologies, etc.).

Conservation and Demand-Management Plans – Develop conservation and demand-management plans for public agencies to comply with new regulations in the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act.

Stakeholder Facilitation – Help resolve contentious issues between energy stakeholders, building on deep experience in the energy industry, as well as years of work managing such processes among leading environmental, consumer and business organizations.

Employee Training for Sustainability – Deliver on-site employee training programs to embed a permanent commitment to sustainability throughout an organization.

University Lecturer – Lively guest lecturer on sustainability, energy conservation and climate change to policy, environmental studies, engineering and business students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Public Speaker – Experienced, engaging speaker on energy conservation and sustainable solutions.  For public audiances, these focus on the critical importance of climate change , the central role of conservation, the benefits of conservation, its challenges and what canbe done at home, at work and in school.  Copies of presentations to more technical audiances are included in the section “Selected Presentations“.